Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend of September 5-6

Eric's Dorm Room
  • No sign of forced entry.
  • No sign that Eric was preparing for a trip - personal effects still in place, but nothing personal - no cards, letters, photos of friends/family.
  • No laptop/computer/cell phone. 
Anonymous Tip
Faculty Interview
  • Spoke to Prof Blunt briefly, who recalled Eric having a cell phone. 
  • No leads on last week's hack.
  • Stressed that Eric's profile - and all student profiles - are password-protected, password selected by students. 
  • Who has Eric's password?
  • Could it be Eric Gracen?
  • Students/faculty back on Tuesday, interviews to continue.


  1. Hmm... Did you contact twitter about the @valemontusux account? Seems to be a link between the hack and the twitter account and possibly Eric. Might be able to find something from twitter's server logs and from the ip address used.

  2. I'll let Prof Blunt now. Right now the site hack is a Valemont University matter and not a police matter, but if they end up being connected, we'll petition for the server logs.