Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9

Campus Interviews
Student who lived in the room next to Eric's last year. 
  • Info received from Housing Office.
  • Requested that name not be used
  • Haven't seen Eric since school let out last year.
  • Impressions: Eric was either "totally quiet" or "jacked up."
  • Might not hear anything for days, then it sounded like "a party in there."
  • When asked to keep it down, Eric was argumentative.
  • Never saw signs of drug use.
Gracen Background
  • Went to Valemont U Office of Admissions to gather family background from Eric's application.
  • Office of Admissions said personal records are sealed, without permission from applicant, cannot be released. 
  • Went back to original missing persons report - no indication of who reported Eric missing?
Eric Gracen Missing Poster
Thanks to all who have already downloaded the poster and are sharing it on the web. It can be found here.

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